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UK Cultural
Exchange Programme

Why Choose the
Cultural Exchange Programme?

  • The Cultural Exchange Programme gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves into British culture and lifestyle by living with a local family and attending a traditional British School.

  • Live in one of the top choice language travel destinations in the UK, and you can experience the history and charm of our famous destinations on the Cultural Exchange programme. Our destination towns include Brighton, Seaford (near Brighton), Bournemouth, Hastings, Oxford, and Edinburgh.

  • Our host families are very experienced in welcoming international students and love to help them develop their cultural understanding. We pay our families a daily fee hosting and organise regular screening to ensure families remain at a high standard and follow our safeguarding protocols.

  • Students attending the Cultural Exchange programme will attend a local state high school alongside British classmates. They will have the chance to share their culture with new classmates and develop lasting friendships.

Cultural Exchange City Choice

  • Students have the option to select the area they would like to be placed. The City Choice allows students to select Brighton, Seaford (near Brighton), Bournemouth, Hastings, Oxford, or Edinburgh. as the area for family and school placement, and is a great tool to unlock the tailored experience each student is looking for.



in the UK

Options & Criteria


16 - 18

Programme Duration

1 term or 1 semester (up to 6 months)

Academic Background

Average 'C' grade or better across core subjects

Academic Background

Intermediate (B1) or higher


All Nationalities

Programme Includes


Assistance & homestay transport

  • Assistance with arrival and departure transfers (extra fees apply)

  • Assistance with other transfers

  • Local orientation upon arrival

  • Assistance with visa application

  • Host family accommodation


Emergency care & assistance

  • Assistance and support

  • Regular email/WhatsApp contact

  • 24/7 emergency telephone contact


Social, welfare & academic support

  • Regular welfare visits

  • Monthly contact reports

  • Selection of suitable school

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