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What's the best class size?

Andy Cossey - Academic Director

8 Nov 2023

GIE provides the smallest class size for it's language school programmes, what are the benefits? 

Everyone knows that the last few years have been hard for language schools. A combination of Covid and increasing prices around the world has made it harder and harder for schools to run successfully. This has led to many schools increasing their class sizes, putting more and more students into each class so they can cut down on the number of teachers they need to employ. At GIE we have made the decision to stick with a maximum of 15 students per class. We have done this for several reasons, most importantly because we believe it is the best thing for both students and teachers. Smaller classes mean that:

  • Each student in every class gets noticed, they cannot hide or get left behind.

  • Fewer students means that every learner can receive personal attention from their teacher.

  • Students have far greater opportunities to express themselves openly and actively practise their English language speaking in every class they attend.

  • Teachers can fully focus on achieving each class’s learning outcomes rather than spend much of their time managing large groups.

  • Teachers can provide more support for each learner and give individual feedback as they have the knowledge of each learner and what learning style is best for them.

  • GIE runs a school syllabus where students collaborate and prepare presentations where they can display what they have learned. Smaller groups ensure each student has the opportunity to fully contribute and show off what they have become competent in whilst studying with us.

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