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Ministay is back!

Callum Palmer - Global Sales Director

22 Nov 2023

Residential ministay locations for 2024!

With demand on the rise for Ministay and off season closed groups, we focus on residential campuses to provide our partners with some prestigious placement options for the 2024 ministay season.

St Lawrence College is our private boarding school option for year-round placements. Located in Ramsgate, Kent, it allows for a prestigious boarding experience, while being just over 1 hour from London and only 20 minutes from Canterbury.

Royal Holloway, University of London, is our esteemed university campus for off season groups and ministay placements. Impressive architecture, great facilities and proximity to London, make it a popular choice.

Royal Hospital School is another of our ministay destinations where students gain experience in a prestigious boarding environment in Sussex, while enjoying their full GIE programme of English classes, sports and activities and excursions into London and the surrounding area.

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