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Learning English

Greenwich International Education wants every learner to have an amazing experience when they are with us – in the school, the classes, accommodation and when going out in the local area and seeing parts of the UK. 

Our goal is for our students to enjoy a language course which will not only help them to communicate better in English but also learn about the UK. Every programme is very busy with classes, activities and trips and we hope that each individual learner will become more confident in using English every day. At the end of the course they will give a presentation in class showing off what you have learned about the UK while here.  

Our programmes support young learners aged from 12-17, of any language level or goal. 


All our classes are taught by Greenwich International Education teachers, with activities to enjoy with other students, and a full social programme. Your child will learn in a fun, creative way and build friendships for life. 

Through qualified, inspirational teachers your child can achieve their English language goals. 

Students are divided into classes by age and by their English language level so that your children can mix with others of a similar age and language ability. All students are given an initial assessment to make sure they are placed in the best class for their needs and ability. 

We want every child who studies with Greenwich International Education to have a life changing experience where they develop their English skills, discover the UK, build life-long friendships and develop knowledge that will help them throughout their lives. 

Learn English and more

Our classes focus on all English language skills and get every student speaking a lot. They will also learn about British life and culture so students will get a better understanding of the UK whilst becoming better English speakers.

Every class is based around a topic and theme linked to British life and culture and students learn how to use the English language in everyday, true to life situations. English is the only language used in the camps at all times. 

To be fully effective, lessons at Greenwich International Education are challenging, interactive and great fun! Our teachers will use a range of teaching techniques to ensure you can participate fully in the classroom and have continued opportunities to learn, improve and practise, practise, practise. 

Students are divided into classes by age and level so that your children can mix with others of a similar age and language ability. 


Project-based Learning


Each classes syllabus has been designed to activate every student’s English language skills and get them interacting in a communicative way with their classmates. By linking the lessons to British life and culture we are also able to teach students things about the places they will visit whilst on the programme meaning they get so much more out of every excursion. 

At the end of each week each student delivers a presentation showing off what they have learned from their lessons, excursions and activities. This final project is worked on throughout the week and encourages the students to think creatively and put into active use everything they have learned. 

The final presentation provides a goal for every student and encourages independent thinking and allows each learner to focus on things they care about and are inspired by whilst activating all their English language skills. This task-based approach means they are developing valuable life skills as well as their English language. 

All students receive a certificate and an individual learning outcomes report written by their teacher at the end of their course. 

How we Teach

All our teachers are qualified (e.g. Cambridge CELTA or equivalent, plus a degree) and are also trained by Greenwich International in how to use our syllabus and get the best out of every lesson. We care about every individual and want them to achieve their learning goals.

Your child will be learning English through reading, writing, speaking and listening. We like to get them talking to their new friends and teachers! They will also learn a lot of new words (vocabulary), how the English language is put together (grammar) and how to say words so that everyone can understand them (pronunciation). 


Students will be learning in many different ways and we will try to make sure that lessons help them get the most out of their trips around London and the UK. We will teach English that will help them find their way around, learn about the museums and famous places they visit and language that will help them enjoy their time here. Classes will include information about English culture, famous British people and sports. We want everyone to go home not just with better English but a better understanding of the UK.


When in class they will be doing hands-on activities, moving around the class, making things, working in groups and also on their own, developing their study and life skills.  


Activities and Excursions


After each lesson your child will enjoy an activity or excursion, all designed to get children enjoying themselves whilst using their learned English. There are lots of activities for students to socialise and learn with each other including excursions so students can see and learn about London and the UK. These excursions are often linked to the days lesson topic. Activities include karaoke, Great British quizzes, discos, talent shows and taskmaster challenges. Using the English language in these fun and engaging sessions helps each learner to really use and remember everything they have been taught.


Our project-based learning programme means that everything students do and see outside the classroom can be used in their final presentation. Our aim is for every child to learn both in and out of the classroom whilst they are with us. 

Safe and Secure

At Greenwich International Education our priority is doing everything we can to make every student’s experience the best and safest it can be. 

Students can learn English, have fun, boost their confidence, all within the safety of our care. 

All our staff are DBS checked and trained in Prevent Duty, welfare and safeguarding as well as how to care for students during their stay. 

Safety and security in and outside the camps is very important. We have policies and procedures that we follow to keep everyone safe, including fire safety, first aid and what to do in emergencies. All these policies are available to students and parents and our Student Handbook and inductions for every student make it clear what every student needs to do to have a safe and fun time while with us. We also do a test with every student to make sure they understand the rules and know who they can speak to if they have any worries, concerns, problems or feel homesick. 


One Goal for Everyone

At Greenwich International Education we have students and staff from all over the world and we want all our students to feel comfortable, happy, safe, and free from discrimination. The happiness, welfare and progress of every student and member of staff in our summer camp is our top priority. Every student and member of staff should show respect to each other regardless of any differences. We are an international community, and we believe in celebrating any differences we have and learn from each other.  

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