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Ireland Cultural Exchange

Country Information

The island of Ireland consists of two countries – Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland. The two countries are fully independent of each other and have different governments, money, education systems and immigration laws.


Ireland, a picturesque island situated in the North Atlantic, is celebrated for its vibrant cultural heritage and historical significance. Its breathtaking scenery boasts an array of captivating landmarks, such as the mystical Giant’s Causeway and the majestic Rock of Cashel, showcasing the country’s profound historical legacy and natural beauty.



The School

The school year starts at the end of August and consists of three terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer. There is a two-week holiday at Christmas, and usually two weeks at Easter as well as a week holiday halfway through each term. The school year ends around the end of June. Most students do not take end of year exams and will go home when the exams start, as normal lessons cease for this period. This can mean returning home in May rather than June. Lessons are on Monday to Friday only. School uniform is recommended in most schools and compulsory in others.

Options & Criteria


12 - 17

Programme Duration

Term, semester or 1 year

Academic Background

Average 'C' grade or better across core subjects


English Intermediate (B1 or higher)


All Nationalities

Programme Includes


Assistance & homestay transport

  • Assistance with transfers to and from the airport/train station at the beginning and end of the programme (extra fees apply)

  • Meet and greet at the destination when you arrive on your destination.

  • Assistance with visa application

  • Host family accommodation


Emergency care & assistance

  • Local supervision and regular contact with local representatives

  • 24/7 emergency telephone contact

  • Health Insurance (extra fees apply)


Academic, social & welfare support

  • Selection of suitable schools

  • Placement and registration in school

  • The meals are full board

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