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Guardianship Options

Our team at Greenwich International Education are highly expereinced in the care and education of students from around the world. From the outset we focus on managing the students expectations so that they can get the best out of the UK education system. With our support your child will build confidence and gain the ability to overcome challenges which will arise during the programme.

We have designed three different guardianship packages to cater for each child's needs:

Emergency response guardianship

This package is recommended for EU school students and their parents who require emergency response (e.g., hospitalization/cancelled flights) but no other assistance.

Basic guardianship

This package is recommended for parents who are able/confident to communicate directly with their chosen school for all pastoral and academic issues. It is most suitable for students who have experienced travelling/studying abroad before.

Classic guardianship

This package is recommended for parents who would like some additional support for their child during their stay in the UK.




We will act on behalf of the parents in case of an emergency

We will organise transportation and homestay accommodation in emergency situations

We will visit the child soon after their arrival in the UK. A report will be submitted to the parents

Termly contact with a GIE local guardian

We will arrange homestay accommodation during half terms, leave weekends and emergency situations

We will organize transportation from/to the selected airport and the student’s family

A GIE local guardian will visit you child once per term and submit a meeting report accordingly

A GIE local guardian will make weekly contact with the student via text, WhatsApp, or email

We will attend all parents’ evenings and send academic reports to the parents

Cost per year

Cost per year

Cost per year

Expenses Deposit

If you are a 'Classic', 'Select' or 'Guardianship only' student with GIE, then why not make use of our expenses payment system. At the start of each programme we will ask you for an expenses deposit of £1,200. This will be used for items such as:

  • Pocket money

  • Mobile phone top-up

  • School uniform

  • Birthday cakes

  • Private tuition

  • Half-term host family accommodation

  • Taxi transfers

  • Extra guardian visits

We will provide you with an expenses statement at the end of each term. If the balance falls below a certain amount we will contact you and ask you to top it up. At the end of the programme/guardianship service, any outstanding funds will be returned in full to the parents. 

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