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By completing this form below, you, the parents/guardians of the child named below, hereby appoint Greenwich International Education to provide education guardianship services while they are studying in the United Kingdom. Once we receive your application form your nominated Local Guardian will respond by return with confirmation paperwork. If you have any questions please contact our sales team.

Guardianship Application

Student Details

School Details

Family Details

Person to contact for all correspondence (if applicable)

Passport Information

Other Information

Medical emergencies: If you cannot be contacted, do you consent to all emergency medical or dental treatment including inoculations, general or local anaesthetic, surgery or blood transfusions which, in the opinion of a qualified doctor, are necessary for your child's safety and well being, under the National Health Service or privately if necessary?
Minor Ailments: Do you consent to the administration of medication such as paracetamol, cough mixture, eye drops etc normally sold over the counter by a chemist for treatment of minor ailments (always taking into account medical information you have supplied to the guardian)
Transport: Do you consent to your child travelling by any form of public transport and/or in a motor vehicle driven by a responsible adult who is duly licensed and insured to drive a vehicle of that type?
Swimming: Do you consent to your child swimming under adult supervision?
All other activities: Do you consent to your child taking part, under adult supervision, in water sports & fairground rides?
Does the student have any allergies or intolerances? (e.g. medication/food/dust/stings)
Does your child suffers from any medical or psychological conditions that may require them to have additional levels of support from the host family? †

† If you answer yes to this question it does not mean we will not accept your child, simply that we need more information to ensure that we have suitable families to meet your child's safeguarding needs. We will send you a Medical Information form for you to complete before we will review the application and consider if we are able to accept your enrolment.

Thanks for submitting your application. We will be in touch soon!

Agent Details (if applicable)

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