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Germany Cultural Exchange

Country Information

Germany is a European country celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. It boasts iconic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and Neuschwanstein Castle. Renowned for its diverse cuisine and world-famous beers, Germany is a gastronomic delight. The German language and contributions to music, philosophy, and science have profoundly influenced global culture. It continues to be a favoured tourist destination, drawing millions of visitors each year.


The majority of Germans are Christian, with a significant proportion identifying as either Protestant or Catholic. While religion plays a part in German culture, many Germans are not highly religious, and regular church attendance is less common in modern society. When they do attend church services, it’s typically on Sunday mornings.


The School

Exchange students will attend a public school and are placed in grade 9, 10 or 11. Every school decides which grade the exchange student will attend. Students usually have to take compulsory classes such as Maths, German, English, Social Science, Natural Science and Physical Education. In addition, students can choose, among other subjects, music, arts, computer science etc. depending on what the school offers.

Options & Criteria


15 - 17

Programme Duration

Term, semester or 1 year

Academic Background

Average 'C' grade or better across core subjects


Intermediate German


All Nationalities

Programme Includes


Assistance & homestay transport

  • Assistance with transfers to and from the airport/train station at the beginning and end of the programme (extra fees apply)

  • Meet and greet at the destination when you arrive on your destination.

  • Assistance with visa application

  • Host family accommodation


Emergency care & assistance

  • Local supervision and regular contact with local representatives

  • 24/7 emergency telephone contact

  • Health Insurance (extra fees apply)


Academic, social & welfare support

  • Selection of suitable schools

  • Placement and registration in school

  • The meals are half board on weekdays and full board on weekends

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