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When you plan to travel you want to go to iconic locations that will inspire you, whether that is for their history, culture or natural beauty. Our destinations are each unique and offer all of these and more. We have carefully selected cities that you will love and will want to return to again and again.


In the UK we have Brunel, in our capital city London, which offer a glorious mix of historic landmarks combined with modern architecture and a true multi-cultural society. Our Guildford centre is in the tranquility of the Surrey countryside, a serene location but only forty minutes from London. Southampton is famous for its shipbuilding and is where the Titanic set sail from over a century ago and is surrounded by some of the most stunning countryside in England. The University of Brighton is extremely popular due to its stunning seaside, beautiful walks, great shopping and lively art, fashion and music scene – all whilst being just a short journey from London. Oxford is world famous as one of the great cities to live and study as you are surrounded by one of the great universities in the world. This means everything in the city is dedicated to ensuring time spent there studying is rewarding, culturally rich and the ultimate destination for those wanting to experience a premier student destination. 

In the USA we offer New York, which needs no introduction it has absolutely everything, as the song goes, it's so good they named it twice. Called the City of Dreams for a reason, Miami is one of the most exciting, breathtaking and magical places on the planet. As an alternative American option, we have Miami, home of one of the world’s most famous beaches, a clean, beautiful and blessed with fabulous weather. Most who stay there never want to leave and will happily argue all day that it is the greatest city in the USA.


University of Brighton


Brunel University


Oxford Brookes University


University of Portsmouth


University of Surrey, Guildford


Solent University, Southampton


St. Francis College, New York 


University of Miami

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