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Elective Programme Content



Do you sometimes imagine that you are the actor in your favourite film or play? LAMDA is the perfect course for you – our expert teachers have all performed on the stage to audiences (and won awards for it). They will teach you how to makes your drama dreams a reality. Perform poetry, work out how to memorise your lines, understand how a performance works, create scenes with your classmates, and most importantly – have fun! This is a great introduction to gaining a future LAMDA qualification too.

Toast Masters

Speech is powerful. From politicians to football coaches and from businessmen to students, a good speech can make the difference between winning and losing. However, making a speech can also be scary: what do you say? How do you say it? Will the words come out how I want them to? On the Toastmasters course, you will grow in confidence over the week to become the master of your own speech. Learn how to structure what you say, how to present it, and how to recover if you make a mistake. We will look at some of the most famous speeches in history and write our own ones too.

Toast Master

Computer Coding

Computer Coding

Do you play computer games? What if we told you that in one week, we can teach you how they are designed and let you make your own game? Do we have your attention now? On the Programming course, you will learn how to code, how to create your own programme and you will finish the week having programmed the first game that was ever made! Try out your problem solving skills and make progress in learning English at the same time on our course. The skills you learn about algorithms in the week will allow you to go away and continue programming in your own time after the course has finished.

IELTS Preparation


The International English Language Testing System exam (IELTS) is an essential qualification needed by anybody whose first language is not English, and who want to study at a British university, or simply would like to add this well-known qualification to their CV. This academic IELTS exam preparation course will prepare you to achieve your best possible result in the exam. This course is delivered in small groups and taught by experienced teachers who have an in-depth understanding of what you need to know to get your best possible score. Students will focus on all of the skills you need for the exam: listening, reading, writing and speaking, as well as improving your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. You will develop strategies and techniques which prove helpful for the IELTS exam.  

Career Ready

Career Ready

Finding a job nowadays is not as straightforward as it may have been in the past. Having a good CV no longer works.  Personal branding, public speaking and networking are essential aspects of finding a new job in this digital era. As the Finance sector is so popular there are sessions dedicated to this area, including investment and cryptocurrency. This course will provide students with the necessary tools to find their next job and become the right candidate, whilst improving their English language. Amongst some of the skills they will develop, students will learn how to identify their own strengths as well as their prospective employer’s needs. They will be able to present themselves in a professional manner, network both face to face and online, and write an outstanding CV and cover letter.

Dates & Timings

Dates & Timings


The following timeslots are available throughout the summer.

  • 10:00 - 11:30 (UK time)

  • 14:00 - 15:30 (UK time)


Week 1: 5th July - 9th July 2021

Week 2: 12th July - 16th July 2021

Week 3: 19th July - 23rd July 2021

Week 4: 26th July - 30th July 2021

Week 5: 2nd August - 6th August 2021

Week 6: 9th August - 13th August 2021

Week 7: 16th August - 20th August 2021

Week 8: 23rd August - 27th August 2021

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