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Classic High School

Country Information

Austria is famous for its natural splendour. Towering peaks overlook crystal lakes and thick green forests. The world’s toughest downhill skiing race, Hahnenkammrennen, is organised in Kitzbühel, Austria, every year. Austria is a country with a revolutionary history. From the time when Charlemagne founded his territory and christened lost Vandals, Huns and Romans, to the huge kingdom and power of the Hansberger’s that lasted until the First World War. Today’s modern republic has matured slowly to become one of the favorite countries for the tourists of the world.

Country Facts

Area: 83,856 square kilometres

Population: Approximately 9 million

Capital: Vienna

Language: German

National holiday: 26th October



In most cases you will go to school five days a week, except in some schools, where they have classes on Saturdays until 12 as well. Lessons start just before 8 o’clock in the morning and finish between 2 and 4 pm, depending on the
school. The school year starts at the beginning of September. Fall semester is from September untill January and spring semester from February untill June.

Options & Criteria


16 - 18

Programme Duration

1 semester or 1 year

Academic Background

Average 'C' grade or better across core subjects

Academic Background

Intermediate (B1) or higher


All Nationalities

What's Included?


Assistance & homestay transport

  • Assistance with arrival and departure transfers (extra fees apply)

  • Assistance with other transfers

  • Local orientation upon arrival

  • Assistance with visa application

  • Host family accommodation


Emergency care & assistance

  • Assistance and support

  • Regular email/WhatsApp contact

  • 24/7 emergency telephone contact


Academic, social & welfare support

  • Selection of suitable schools

  • Placement and registration in school

  • Regular visits

  • Progress reports

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